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Meet the Photographer

My name is Sara Scharett. I'm a Photographer in the Charleston SC area with a passion for people and the world around us. I love creative shoots and celebrating the beauty of people and nature. Let's make some magic together! 


Photography captures not just moments in time that go by in a blink of an eye or monumental, life changing moments that you want to go back to. Photography captures the intention and emotion of life. Being able to look at a photo years later, and feel what you felt in that moment is magic frozen in time. My mission is to capture the inner beauty of each and every client, showing people how truly beautiful they are inside and out while creating memories that last lifetimes.  ​

Sara Scharett

What Clients Are Saying

My family has been taking pictures with Sara for years. Photos with her are so much fun and she makes everyone feel so confident and comfortable all the time. 

Ace & Jade

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